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ARISTA 快速抗原檢測棒 Rapid Antigen Test


早期測知 ,感染 2-3天已能測知,簡單易用,15分鐘快速知到結果,世衛認受的Antigen測試,世衛認受 Antigen測試,Arista快速測試與衛生署核酸檢測獲高度同步結果 (100%),新加坡製造。


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**我們為使用ARISTA 即驗即知「新冠病毒」測試棒而呈陽性結果的顧客提供免費深喉核酸檢測,及優惠價港幣500元正予其緊密接觸者。(檢測由基研健康醫療有限公司提供)**

**We provide free COVID 19 RT- PCR Test for customers who tested Positive with Arista COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test and a discounted price of HKD500 for close contacts(provided by Health Gene Limited)**


*海外客戶請直接電郵到[email protected]進行下單。

*For overseas customers, please contact [email protected] directly for order placement.



ARISTA 即驗即知「新冠病毒」測試棒是一個價錢相宜又高效能的自我監察選擇,有助加固守護您健康的第一道防線,讓您可以無需外岀就能安坐家中進行新冠病毒測試。

無需額外專業儀器,或是經由化驗診所和物流公司運輸樣本等等繁複程序和輸送時間,現在只需要透過輕鬆簡易的操作,就可於15分鐘內即埸獲得精準的測試結果。ARISTA 即驗即知「新冠病毒」測試棒能有效地偵測到具病徵和無病徵的病毒載體,適合頻繁測試,以建立一個持續的社區防禦系統,保障您的業務,職員和家庭。






ARISTA Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test


ARISTA Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test is a low cost, high-performance “Self-test” option, ideal as first-line health surveillance under the current pandemic.

With no additional device needed nor requirements of labs and logistic transport of contaminated samples and easy operating process that can be done at home, this product can detect symptomatic & asymptomatic carrier and produce fast results on-site in 15 minutes, perfect for frequent testing and best-suited for protecting businesses, employees, families and establishing a continuous protective culture.

High specificity = No False Positive results
Test frequency – Match desire stringency
Two tests weekly will provide effective monitor >97%

Under the current circumstances regarding COVID-19, we only offer pick-up services in specific locations. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. (For others and your own safety, please wear a mask before visiting these locations. Thank you!)




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